Blue Flower

Thanks for purchasing Advanced Pinterest Pin Display.

In this page we will guide you so you can install and use our extension properly.

Configuration Fields:

1. Display Profile/ Board : You can display Profile Pins or Board Pins using our one same Module. If you like to use this single module to display profile then make sure profile is selected. If Board then Board Selected.

2. Pinterest Account: This Part is little tricky.

Example: Your Pinterest Profile URL is :

Then This Field value will be : britneyspears

For Board: If you Board URL is :

Then this field value will be : pinterest/pin-pets

3. Display Title: YES to Display - NO to Hide

4. Display Description: YES to Display - NO to Hide

5. Number of Image: No. of image you like to display in your module.

6. Image Width: Width of your pin image in px.

7. Image Height: Height of your pin image in px.

8. Image Spacing: Spacing between images in px.

9. Box Width: Box Width of your image in px.

10. Box Height: Box Height of your image in px.

11. Border Color: Border Color - Can be pick from the color picker.

12. Border Width: Border Size in px.

13. Border Radius: Border Radius Size.

14. Box Background Color: Box Background color can pick using the color picker from Joomla Module manager Backend.

15. Show Follow Button: YES to Display - NO to Hide.